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2nd November 2014

Along with these unprecedented weather conditions goes unfamiliar and unpredictable times.
Change * Change * Change is everywhere and clearly visibly so! No longer am I fore telling of the changes
that are coming, for you are now all actually experiencing them on a daily basis. 

See what has been told is now unfolding before your very eyes, Look up to the Heavens
to the movements in the skies. When you see the cosmic changes taking place
you should not be so surprised with the ramifications that occur in your lives,
and throughout and within Mother Earth and all whom dwell upon her.

Seismic activity and civil unrest, Ebola and other dangers are putting you all to the test.
Tune inwards to a PEACEFUL Loving Heart. Do not buy into the panic and fear however near and present it may be.
Acknowledge its presence and focus on good clear positive outcomes for one and all.
Fuel the collective consciousness with HOPE and soulful nourishment to calm the collective mind.

Heal the world with Loving thoughts. What you give out IS what you get back so do NOT panic
and draw desperate situations near. Breath deeply release all tension and Fear, TRUST that all will be well
and that LOVE will prevail. Look for all the wonder and magic in the world for it is there in equal measure.
You are not an ignorant race so engage your brains and focus once again, on LOVE and PEACE and HARMONY ~


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