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30th December 2017

Both Agony and Ecstasy may be in the blend of emotions and experiences as you approach the years end. Great personal growth and spiritual expansion will have taken place and that you can count on!  ‘Twas not perhaps the year you were expecting but be grateful for all that it delivered along the way without regretting a single day ~ 

You can’t always get what you want but you do always get what you need to learn and grow in ways you do not know you are achieving. In the over view of your life strive to take a bigger picture of the progress you have made from a higher perspective, and not to read your frustrations and situations as negative aspects of your current reality,  but as circumstances and conditions that give depth to understanding duality and polarity ~

For if you do not have a broad scale against which to measure all of life how would you genuinely know how to assess your existence. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly would all merge and blend if you had no comprehension of their differences my friend. To always experience life on a high, without having to try or having to feel anything less would not afford you the opportunities to develop your compassion or gratitude which should be a major part of your consciousness and attitude ~

When you have struggled with the muggles and lost all sense of separation from lack and desperation, then you know, like you know, like you know, how it feels for it has become part of your emotional and spiritual comprehension, not just a projection of your imagination. Empathy far outweighs Sympathy at every turn, but to become an empath and to be there for others in that capacity means you have to be able to truly understand by experiencing things first hand ~

That can be more extreme and challenging than anything you may have consciously planned for your year or your life, but it will all turn out to be vital parts of your spiritual development on your souls journey when at last it comes to its end. For now , my friend, celebrate the ending of the year by appreciating how far you have come in only 365 days. Give yourself PRAISE for ALL you have learned and achieved, do not be aggrieved, be ready to RECEIVE ~

For as the clocks do chime and the year does turn, a whole brand New set of circumstances and opportunities to Live and Love and Grow, will lay outstretched before you. Welcome them all with open hearts ♥️ and open minds and you will find great JOY and Prosperity for the days of LACK are over, here comes the Honey and the Clover. May the ABUNDANCE and sweetness return, as the pendulum swings towards the new extreme of PLENTY for you to learn ~

Let the GOOD times begin as you welcome this NEW YEAR in. There are wondrous things in store for you, and Incredible things you are destined to do.  For your soul is here by design and NOW is your time to Step Up and SHINE as the Magical Beacon of LIGHT that you are. YOU have come to live a much BIGGER Life than you have thus far, for you truly ARE a STAR of great significance that will illuminate the way and make a massive Positive difference to many, many souls and the planet as a whole ~ 

The highs and lows of what your ego knows as the day to day living of your lives, is the means by which your SPIRIT can RISE, by developing a comprehension of what it is to be living in this dimension. Aim to vibrate HIGHER, and aspire to see all problems and obstacles as small. Choose to be HAPPY and focus on the LOVE and MAGIC all around. Then your HEARTS can fly and sing, and you will bring all manner of marvellous things into MANIFESTATION with LOVE and HOPE and TRUST at the Centre of your New Years Aims and CELEBRATIONS✨

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