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31st Dec 2013


'Tis the crowning glory, the top and tail of the year.
'Tis the time for reflection, for release and appreciation of all that has come to p ass over the last 365days of the year.
See the value of the lessons, the treasure found from within the trials and tribulations.
See how much you have learned, how much you have grown and how far you have come. 

Changes have taken place and you have done well to keep up with the pace for at times they have been fast and furious!
See whom you have become, how you have coped with all manner of challenges and overcome
the previous boundaries and preconceived axioms of false limitations and belief. 

How you have evolved over the past 12 months into a new and different version of yourself.
How you have expanded from the inside out. How you have a new depth and breadth and vision to behold.
How your focus has shifted and your vibrations changed. How your body no longer even feels the same.

Everything has changed in this last year and you have come a long way since the first of its days.
To have started so profoundly with the beating of the drums as the heartbeat of the earth in the Native American Indian lands.
To have celebrated the start of the year in such a special place with people you love and hold so dear.

To have seen and done all manner of things. To have welcomed new opportunities and expanded your comfort zone.
To have become a much bigger you than when the year first begun.You have achieved a great deal and not grieved as much
which must make you feel you are beginning to healfrom your deeply wounded heart.

This is a very important improvement to acknowledge and appreciate for now you can begin to believe there is life beyond grief.
You can release all the negativity and pain that you have held and encountered thus far.
You can choose to let it go with the passing of the year. Acknowledge its place and part in the journey of your heart and leave it all behind. 

Step into the New Year as a New You, Clean Clear and Free to be all that you can BE.
Say YES to all the wondrous opportunities and adventures that are in store.
Leap headlong into your bright future and see just how exciting the New Year can BE ~

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