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31st Dec 2016

Prepare to celebrate like you never have before for with the closing of the door to the recent past, you can all breathe a sigh of relief as you come to the end of a mighty year of learning. You have all been yearning for new beginnings and a brighter future and as the clocks strike 12 you will yourselves be stepping into the New Vibration of the New Year. Opening the door to the possibilities and delights, happiness and joy which all do lay ahead by Devine invitation.

This New Year holds great opportunities and potential for massive personal growth and progress through success and contentment, compassion, Love and gratitude. 'Tis time for you all to expand your Hearts and to LEAP beyond the confines of your mind. No more holding back, for as this year comes to an end and the fireworks fly and the champagne flows, Heaven knows, 'tis time for your heart and soul to sing. For the New Year brings the next evolution of YOU and A STAR IS BORN ⭐️
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