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31st March 2014

Changes are a coming they are already on their way. 
Be grateful for their arrival for tis time to get up get out and get on your way! 
You have indeed had a great session of seclusion, delusion, doubt and inaction.
Well hooray hooray for the time has come to say goodbye to all that you have recently known
for tis time indeed to pack your bags and make a new home~

Hit the road Jack and don't look back.
Go forth with an open heart and a taste for the big adventure of the great unknown.
Hitch your wagon to a star and just wait and see how far it will take you!
Magic is definitely in play so look for signs of its presence each and every day.
Keep your head strong and a smile upon your face you are all going to love this new exciting phase 
welcome it and celebrate it ~
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