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31st May 2016

Hooray, Hooray, Hooray let your banner fly today for great things are on their way. Believe it in your heart, believe it in your soul, and you truly will achieve your highest goal. You have come to do GREAT things and GREAT things you will do. You have achieved a great deal already but your greatest achievements lay ahead waiting to be activated and orchestrated, Divinely created and Heavenly celebrated. Your life does indeed carry great purpose and tis up to you to believe in yourself and to focus your intentions on the completion of the blue print in your soul.

Everything is unfolding exactly as it should so do not loose sight of your Hopes and Dreams, keep them omnipresent and infuse them with great Love and unwavering belief. What you think about you will indeed bring about. Celebrate and live your life in the knowing that everyday you are growing how you are meant to BE. Discovering aspects of yourself, of other peoples behaviours, of their motives and orientation. When you find that people are not truly aligned with you and your cause tis no longer advisable to be interacting with them in the same fashion.

Focus with clean, clear intention on developing relationships and interactions with truly like minded souls. Who in all honesty share the same or similar goals as you, and are positive connections and inspirations to help you achieve all that you have come to do and come to BE. BE yourself on a constant basis do not alter or adjust how you think or feel you must, except in extreme situations or when extenuating circumstances occur and your adaptability is required. SHINE bright like a diamond for all the world to see, for NOW is the time to bring your extra LOVE and LIGHT to the hearts and minds of all mankind. BE the greatest you can BE and believe you truly CAN and WILL achieve the GREATEST things your heart and soul have been holding as your life purpose and your highest goal ~
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