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31st October 2013

31:10:13. Twitchy. Henfield

Breath deeply into your fear allow all panic and concern to only be a vehicle to learn that which is holding you captive. For once you have identified your assailant then you can collect your thoughts and ideas and focus beyond your own false horizon.

Do you not think that the first men to voyage to the edge of the known world were not more than a little concerned about that which they were about to learn and yet their courage and determination to break through and expand their own beliefs carried them ever onwards and to the discovery of a whole wide world, and lands of plenty and adventure. The likes of which had never been conceived they simply had to be seen to be believed.

Sometimes you have to be a magician and create your own future pulling surprises out of your own hat! You do have it in you so do not fear so and doubt your own capabilities. Your own taste for adventure and self expansion are held deeply within you only suppressed and overshadowed by your responsibilities as a mother and a wife. This is a wonderful gift from your own family to you to evolve into the greatness that is in your soul, to see you shine like a diamond is their one united goal. Their love is constant and pure and fills you from within, 'Tis a wonderful place from which to begin.

By first being greatly loved you can then give it out and you really are most greatly loved both down here on earth and in Heaven above. Breath deeply and sleep deeply, awake refreshed and revived for with the dawn of the day your future will have come and you can happily get up and run, with open hearts and minds onto the next exciting phase .

Every day on planet Earth is a gift of the highest worth.
A life lived in fear is a life half lived. Set yourself free in your mind to climb every mountain and cross every sea so that you can gain a personal understanding of the landscape of your mind, the journey of your heart, the purpose of your soul.
Make LOVE your goal~
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