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31st October 2017

‘Tis veritably the time of year when ghosts and ghouls and spooks appear, when people take delight in being frightened, being frightening and embracing FEAR. ‘Tis traditionally a time for ancestral lines to be honoured and acknowledged, for those who have gone before to be remembered and respected, as the vital links to the living lines of existence and the continuing family tree all humanity ~

Focus on the LOVE that is passed down the Golden thread of LIFE from generation to generation. It is the time of Darkness and ILLUMINATION for great healing can be done by facing our fears and not running. By embracing the Shadow side of our subconscious and releasing all that no longer serves us, all that has been lurking below the surface, waiting to be discovered, to be cleared and transmuted across all time and space, dimensions and reality will set us FREE ~
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