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3rd April 2017

First Journey to the centre of your Heart, it is the most important place to start ~ From there you can prepare to expand and grow, and allow your energy to flow out into the world. By first finding what it is that is truly YOU, will give you the greatest ideas, incentives and clues, as to what to pursue and which avenues to explore to fully express the greatness of who you are at your core. 

You are simply AMAZING and are totally Unique and precious as a gift to the world! Find your purpose and put yourself on the map! You have come to BE the greatest you can BE, so take the time to journey IN, where you can begin to see the full glory and potential of who and what that might BE. Energise this powerful source of possibility with great Love and Trust, and generate the mighty thrust required to expand and grow beyond all that you know ~ 

Engage massive self belief and certainty of self, by connecting to Source and using the limitless resource of ONENESS and Love ~ You and the land are ONE, You and the sky and the moon and the sun. You are ONE with everything else in the Universe so NOW is the time to be at ONE with yourself, and to wholeheartedly support yourself in the pursuit of becoming the greatest you can BE ~ 

Connectivity is KEY ~ align yourself with everything you wish to BE . Ignite the incandescence in your Heart by fusing with all the Love in the world. Then SHINE as brightly as the sun and become
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