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3rd January 2015

Tis pure Love that feeds the flame at the centre of your core. When you open up your heart to receive much much more of the Love that tis all around, then your own light can shine far more brightly and you can beam with an incandescent radiance like the true STAR you know you are. Opening up your heart is the greatest way to start.

You cannot be expected to give out what you do not already have. You are not being asked to exhaust yourself and possibly extinguish yourself. You are being asked to refuel yourself from source. Open up your own heart and be refilled with the purest Love of all. Heavenly Love sent from above to restore and revive you all. Drink in the silvery light of the moon and the golden light of the sun, fill yourself till you are brimming with Love ~

See the Love in nature, hear it in the sweet birdsong, in the pitter patter of the rain, in the silence of the snow. See it in the patience of the trees awaiting the return of their fresh green leaves. See it in the flash of lightning as it leaps across the skies, hear it as the deep rumble of the thunder as it reverberates and permeates the ground. The delicate balance of all things should fill your heart with wonder and awe for there is so much to be appreciated in your world and that's for sure!

See the sweetness in a child's smile, the love in a grandmothers eyes. See the heart light shining in all those you meet and encounter throughout your day. Everyone has a heart that needs Love to make it shine. Start to see the Love everywhere, care less about your day to day worries and feel the Love that is around. Tune in with your heart instead of your head then you will begin to be refuelled and renewed from within. THEN you can begin to truly shine as the star you truly are ~


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