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3rd June 2016

When pure LOVE flows it GROWS ~ pain and strife, agony and ecstasy may cause its release but once it is free it has the capacity to increase beyond all measure. For LOVE is a thing to treasure as it transforms all that it touches all whom it encounters. It is as a GOLDEN GLOW that warms your own Heart so that it in turn can ignite and burn with a LOVE Light of its own. Illuminating from within bringing a sense of Hope and Kindness, TRUST and Forgiving to your day to day living ~

Inspiration and Education, Compassion and Connection all stem from the Heart right from the start of the Earthly experience of LIFE. When you do indeed all realise that LOVE is the most valuable commodity with which you can thrive beyond all measure you will seek it more, create it more, celebrate and share it more freely for IT is the greatest form of exchange that can change your lives for the good. All else is of little or no worth if you are not instilled with the appreciation and understanding that LOVE is the greatest thing on Earth, for then you will fail to see the REAL beauty of the world.

Share your LOVE freely from a generous OPEN heart. Forgive quickly and pour LOVE on all old wounds it is the greatest healing balm of all time. Be kind to yourself and all others soul sisters and soul brothers, realise that everyone has a Heart that needs to feel its own LOVE and that its light may be reignited by being touched by yours. BE the cause for more Love Lights to SHINE. Lead by Shining example LOVE More, give More of your own Light to help illuminate the world, to generate a Global GLOW of Compassion and Understanding, Comfort and Joy. May Happiness be exchanged with Kindness and an Abundance of ALL that is pure and good flow to you and through your OPEN Heart as it should.
Live long and prosper ~
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