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3rd November 2014

All the answers that you seek on any given moment, hour or week are deep within you all. 
Others my provide the guidance and direction for you to journey inwards but tis always a voyage of personal enlightenment upon which you embark. For all the light that resides within you can illuminate the darkness
you wish to dispel. Inner calmness, inner PEACE, inner HARMONY, inner JOY. Inner wisdom which can be found
by the seeker at any given moment and on any given day.

Inner sanctuary is what you will find if you think with your Heart and NOT with your Mind, for your mind buys into
all the Fear and Hate of every negative debate and can easily loose its Joie de Vie!
The world can often appear to be a place of hardship, danger and depravity. If you listen to the voice inside
take refuge where Love resides, you will see the world in all its glory and see your life bathed in golden light
then that IS what it shall be. Operate from this inner place of connectedness and TRUST.

Bring yourself forth out into the world from this inner sanctum of calm considered action.
From a place of gentleness and certainty that no horror stories or evil acts of daily news can enter or disturb.
Be true to yourself, your natural Love of life and belief in all that is good in the world should be the loudest voice
that should be heard. Retreat within to the place of knowing and make your life decisions from the centre
of your HEART. You will receive your own answers and get your own guidance from source if you begin to journey in.
You will be delighted by what you will find, for your inner LIGHT will be shining brightly ALL the time ~  
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