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3rd September 2015

Temperatures are rising without compromising and changes are occurring everyday with many more are on their way.
Shifting sands are on the move, what has thus far been known as fixed, as permanent and as home will all be changing too. Opportunities are coming and doors will be opening for personal growth to be made. Embrace these changes and expand your comfort zone, now is the time to come into your own ~

BE the STAR you already know you are, but 'tis time to turn up your flame. BEAM brightly like never before so your Light can be seen by many more. Lighten up the lives of all whom you encounter. Help dispel the darkness of the night by being a divine BEING of LIGHT. A beacon of HOPE to inspire and guide, and lead by example. BE a positive citizen of the world and make a positive difference in the world. BE the change you wish to see, SHINE BRIGHTLY and simply BE ~

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