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4t July 2014

4th July 2014

As is above as is below, don't you know ~
Independence Day U.S.A can be seen as a celebration point for one and all,
to delight in the power of each individual being connected solely and souly to source.
Independent of any other restraints or limitations decreed by any authority or nation.
Independent thought can thus flow as a matter of course from source to self and no one else.

No necessity to be judged or held accountable to any regime or preordained method of thinking or being. Independence ~ IN ~ Dependence, go inwards . Ever inwards in ever decreasing circles arriving at the centre of you, the centre of the Universe. Independent of everything else, everyone else and yet connected to the whole by being whole. Become one with all things, all matter, energy, light! Be essentially YOU. Independent by Day~ Everyday, and Independent by night, BE an Independent Shining Light 

For each light plays a vital part in illuminating the world. Once united, light is inseparable and indistinguishable as coming from separate sources. The brighter the light of each individual being the brighter the whole light of humanity will be. Play your part in illuminating the hearts and minds of your fellow man so you can all help raise the vibration of human consciousness and help the planet as a whole. Enlightenment is your common goal ~ so lighten up as individuals, as Independent Souls ~  

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