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4th June 2015

Bring it in unto yourself all the Health, Wealth and Prosperity that you seek. Call for it from within, align your own vibration to the highest energetic frequency, then draw it unto yourself by being one with it! BE LOVE, BE LIGHT, BE HEALTH, BE WEALTH, BE PROSPERITY. This is a physical realm where you are physical BEINGS. SO SIMPLY BE, ALL POWERFUL, BE COMPASSION, BE GRACE, BE JOIE DE VIE, BE HAPPY TO BE ALL YOU CAN POSSIBLY BE.

Breath it in as ABUNDANCE and out as GRATITUDE. Breath it in as GOLD and out as SILVER.Breath it in as SUNSHINE and out as MOONLIGHT. Allow your boundaries to melt and disappear, blend into a oneness with all that there is. Move from a fixed solid form into a volatile state of possibility and potential. Then open your crown and pull all the divine energy down, let it pour and pour and pour filling your whole body with abundance. Let every cell and atom of your being ring with High Vibrations, BE A HIGH VIBRATIONAL BEING.

The rewards are many fold for having a Heart of Gold ~ for BEING is believing, not seeing or reading or even thinking. BE LOVE and BE LOVED. BE the greatest you can BE. Decree a thing and it will be done for in the beginning there was the word. SPEAK your TRUTH ~ BE YOUR TRUTH. Believe in yourself for YOU are already your greatest wealth. You are a divine creature of GOD. You are a miracle of the Universe. You are a walking wonder of the Cosmos. You are a STAR exactly as you are SO SHINE brightly and BE A STAR! 
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