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4th May 2014

May the warmth of the golden sun sooth your soul and envelope your heart, heal and reassure you that all is well and as it should be. You are all in transition right now and if you are in any doubt then just look to the sky, for the cosmos has the answers and will support all the changes and challenges, blocks and affronts to your realities that are currently occurring in your world and in your lives, and indeed inside your bodies as well. Do not fret so or panic as these changes come to pass and all that you know is let go of and replaced with the new, unfamiliar and unknown. All is change ~ nothing will remain. This I have tried to tell you again and again and again. 

Do not allow your earthly fear or doubt or disbelief, resistance and persistence to inhibit your growth potential. You can all use this time to take a Great Leap Forward and reach your full potential. You have up until now as it were been operating in a lesser way on a day to day basis, but the time has come for that to come to an end. Take heart dear friend for the time of great advancement, great progress and great success is upon you and it will be good, very good for you all. 

Restricted growth and frustration have been the reality for yours and many nations as well as countless mortal souls. The time has come now though for movement on a mighty scale of minds and countries and nations. The reunion as it were of all the disparate factions of society and the removal of the separate aspects of all peoples of the world. Collective progress towards one united goal is in the blueprint of every soul. To rebalance the polarities, adjust the disparities and re unite as a whole.To work together with your fellow sisters and brothers to create harmony and understanding and once again spread peace across the land. 

To understand the variety of species of animals, vegetables and minerals that add to and enhance the magical mixture of matter and form of our world.
To see and appreciate that ALL is God, ALL is good, ALL is one and ALL is you ~
You are a complex collection of matter in form and of magic that is the spark of life!
You are a walking working miracle in action and should never cease to be amazed and appreciative of this incredible simple fact! Life is a magical gift ~ Love it ~ Live it ~ Value it highly.

Do what you can to help teach and inspire others to view their own lives as such. Paint, write, draw, dace, sing, run, swim, express yourself in as many ways as you can for the other marvellous gift you have all been given is choice! Choose what to think, what to eat, when to dance or work or sleep. Choose who to have around you, who to love and cherish, who to help and heal, who to walk beside you, who to teach and guide you, who to share your life with, who to share your love with. 

Choice is an incredible gift and is limitless in its possibilities. Freedom of thoughts within your own mind, you choose what you focus on and what you will thus manifest and create as realities in your world. You choose what to eat and thus determine how your body will function and perform. You choose how to express the joy and love that you see and find in the world and can share this with your fellow man.

The celebration of Life can be seen ever present in the natural world from the rocks and crystals in the ground to the multicoloured mix of fauna and flora in the sky and all around. Blossom and Bluebells amid the vibrant greens of new fresh leaves with flowers in every colour shape and form. Nature expresses itself in a myriad of ways and you all have the freedom of choice to do the same. Do not just keep doing and expressing your life the same way again and again and again.

Change is GOOD, variety is key, keep on evolving and you will be in tune with the new rhythm of the planet as a whole ~ 

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