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4th October 2014

You still do not know how far your love and light do go. You think you have an inkling of the impact that is felt
but still do not fully comprehend quite how all important your presence is on Earth. You are all important and have your own uniqueness to add to the general crowd for this you can be grateful and rightfully very proud. 

You have not come to be like any other. You have not come the same even as your sisters and brothers, family friends or lovers. You have come to be you and to shine your uniqueness unto the world. To delight in being you,
to celebrate your vital differences to understand that your true value is in your uniqueness, not in your ability to blend in or conform. You of all people have not come to be considered normal! 

Things happen all around you on quite a daily basis that should conform to even the most doubting minds that yours is a life filled with light of an extraordinary kind. Take this individuality and make it your speciality.
Shine your supreme essence with confidence and joy for it brings great Hope and comfort and inspiration to a great many. People everywhere will benefit from a drop of essence of the essence you share.

Clear light pure Love Ancient wisdom free from religion just delivered from the Heart.
Tis truly the place to start from. All people should come from the heart and not from the head then there would be total Peace in the world instead of such greed and destruction.You would not cut down even one tree
if you could feel what the true impact of ending its life would be. You would not strike another or threaten them bully, shoot or kill anything!

Think with your hearts and make a new start with your personal and global outlook.
Be a warrior for Peace be an ambassador of Love. Stand up and be counted as the wise emissary that you are.
Be who you came to be. Stand up now and be counted as a conscious citizen of the world.
Hold your head up high and let your voice be heard. 
The time is nigh to spread your wings and FLY ~ 


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