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4th October 2015

Waves of expectation upon waves of anticipation bring causes for celebration crashing upon your shores.
Carried upon the mighty swells of hopefulness and positivity, trust and generosity, the eternal sea of Abundance
the infinite ocean of Love flow freely and joyfully to your door ~

The divine cosmic soup that is the essence of us all, pours like syrupy golden nectar warm and wholesome, 
nurturing and providing all of our needs, all of our existence as ALL is one and the same. See yourself swimming freely
in this vast delicious heart space, this soulful sea of sustenance and grace, unconditional Love ~

May all the health wealth and happiness you seek be in and all around you. May you float effortlessly on this rosy golden sea filled with courage, hope and prosperity. TRUST that you are fully supported and held in divine AGAPE
the true essence of pure Love. The highest form of goldenness the clearest infinite goodness, the sweetest most nurturing form of energy in existence.

Become as radiant as the sun by embracing this AGAPE essence into every cell of your being, seeing no separateness between you and anything or anyone anywhere. Cosmic soup is exactly that, the pure blend of all that there is. 
Release all your own false restrictions and limitations and embrace the full abundance of who and what you are.

You are a brightly shining star, you are the highest mountain peak that you seek.
You are the clearest purest turquoise water in the tropical oceans deep.
You are the purest whitest cloud as high as a cloud can be.
You are a 24K being of GOLD as precious and as fine as a golden thing can be.

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