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4th October 2017

4. 3. 2. 1. and there it was begun ~ the future has come, the past is over and done! Your particular cluster of stars has truly come from afar to bring great illumination to the world and spread PEACE and ENLIGHTENMENT across the land, Raising Vibrations across the Nations ~ YOU are are the light workers and sages, Wisdom keepers across the ages, here to do what you can to help mankind. 

For a mighty shift is underway and you are experiencing its effects each and every day. The last throes of the dying dinosaur can be dangerous and hazardous to encounter, guidance and direction can therefore offer hope and protection in times of desperation and despair. Focus on the Newness of what is to come and the vast potential that the future holds. Make world PEACE and unconditional LOVE your personal HOPES and United Goals ✨✨✨
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