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4th September 2014

4:9:14.       Hourtin Plage.   *France*

The central theme has been what truly lies at the centre of the Universe?at the centre of you?
To journey outward into the furthest reaches of deepest darkest space, to find the answers written in the stars.
By sending rocket ships to the Moon, to Venus and to Mars. Expanding your understanding of the Universe
to gain a better perspective and to appreciate even more the beauty of your home planet Earth.

There is no place like home and you must all do all that you can to maintain the status quo of the planet
as a healthy place to live and thrive for the animal kingdom and the natural world as much as for yourselves
and all mankind. There is a natural rhythm to the order of things and that does indeed apply to everything in the Universe. Patterns can be seen and understandings gleaned from studying historical behaviours and phenomenon from the past. Predictions can then be made and projections formulated to calculate the future changes and subsequences that can and will arise out of current actions and inactions.

'Tis best for one and all to study these more closely for the planet as a whole and mankind in particular will get to a point where there is no place to hide your head in the sand. You will all have to face the consequences of your collective destructive actions and apathy. You are all the same as each other and the planet and the entire Universe. You must try to understand that the future of everything is I fact in your hands!

The planet as the beautiful green and luscious life sustaining Mother that she is, can not be allowed to loose
her softness, her kind and loving nature. For if she is forced to turn hostile and unwelcoming then tis ALL of life
that will suffer. Look for the answers deep within yourselves, boldly go where no man has been before!
Be brave and journey inwards, take a journey to the centre of you, connect to the bigger source,
find deeper meanings to your life and existence than such shallow short sighted selfish aims and ambitions.

'Tis not all about personal wealth and perceived success. Financial gains, fame and fortune are such trivial and meaningless things if they are not used to help educate and eliminate as much pain and suffering as possible.

How can you all be so happy with your own lot when other are truly not? Look inside you and see you are the same, no better, no more or no less than anyone else. Help each other to help the whole of humanity and planet earth
to THRIVE and most importantly to survive!!!!!

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