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5th April 2015

New Life is in evidence here there and everywhere. The natural world is waking up from its sleepy Winter slumber. Tis time indeed for growth of every kind and expansion of your minds ~Be prepared to let go of what you have previously known to be your home, your inner comfort zone of ideas and beliefs, patterns of low self worth heartache and grief.

Reach for more and allow the wonder of the NEW to enter you. To move in and grow different ideals and different ideas about who you are, who you can be and who you will be. Be courageous in your new thinking, be less limiting and more far reaching. New possibilities and vast potential are available as the new fixtures and fittings with which to furnish the new home of your Heart and mind. Move house happily and redecorate with joy and passion, create a whole new fashion for living in full colour, living in full glory with new full belief and support in your own self worth.

Be the diamond in the sky. Be the penthouse suite. Be the greatest house on the greatest street. Reposition yourself in the most affluent successful suburb. Put yourself on the TOP of the hill. Build yourself a palace on solid ground not a castle in the air. Be the owner of you magnificent inner residence if you dare.

Stop giving away any credit or praise and power to anyone else, circumstance or situation. Now is the time to leap forward as the SPRING time would suggest. Grow Grow Grow ~ blossom and expand flourish and thrive, tis no longer enough of a mindset to simply survive. Grow daily with confidence that it is the natural thing to do. Be in tune with the powerful transformational effects of the full moon eclipse. Let the old drop away for the New is here to stay ~
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