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5th January 2016

Double rainbows, double blessings sent from Heaven on high to give you all HOPE ~ Beautiful colourful LOVE divinely painted across the sky. Magic clearly revealing itself with confidence and Joy delighting in expressing the alchemical blessing of combining two everyday normal conditions to create a spectacular magical third. An out of this world celebration far more than a simple combination, AGAPE LOVE sent from above ~

’Tis always good to be reminded that there is magic everywhere. If seeing is believing then believe your eyes for what are rainbows if not magic in the skies?TRUST that magic is around and allow it to play its part in the unfolding of your life instead of trying to plan it all out and predict it in you head.Believe in magic and it will happen, believe in miracles and they will come. Great changes are on their way so be ready and willing to adapt to their arrival straight away. Be open to expansion and growth.

Movements in the skies can happen quicker than you realise and so too can they occur here on earth and in your lives, right before your very eyes even! Go with the flow of these changes for they are coming ready or not ! Best be prepared then for anything my friend for absolutely amazing wondrous things are on their way. Be happy and grateful for all that you have and that currently defines you for it is literally all about to change! You do not need to know how or where or when just keep your heart filled with LOVE and excited anticipation ready for great celebration.
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