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5th July 2016

 Seventh Heaven is on its way ~ Keep on believing and planning for its arrival for any day now, your cash cow will come and your time will be done for struggling and concentrating on survival. You have all done incredibly well to embrace your current reality with the courage and tenacity that have carried you through. Now however you have to aim your sights higher, you have to dare to aspire to your full greatness and success. 
Nothing less will do, for you have the power to create your future self, your future life, your future situations and circumstances. Dare to Dream and DREAM BIG ~ plan your future as you would plan your day ahead, with clear intention and actions to be taken that will ensure your greatest and happiest outcomes which you can delight in and be grateful for at the end of the day. Let your imagination run away and bring a sense of wonder and play to your plans. Then believe in MAGIC and close your eyes and open your hands! 

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