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5th March 2017

Be aware that frustration can turn to elation with the blink of an eye. Even though great changes may not yet be showing in your world it does not mean they are not happening behind-the-scenes. Even now within the heart of the bare sticks and branches New Life is waiting to burst forth as Springtime advances on a daily basis. With the tiniest changes of warmth and season seemingly deadwood bursts into life and changes completely defying all outward appearances and so-called reason. 

TRUST that your massive new growth IS occurring deep within yourself and that this incredible vibrancy and positivity is about to become visible to one and all. TRANSFORMATION is occurring and PROGRESS and SUCCESS are about to burst forth and blossom in your world. Jubilation and celebration will replace all depression and frustration for ABUNDANCE is coming into full bloom. Very soon your whole life will be bathed in GOLDEN LIGHT and filled with sweet perfume ✨✨✨✨
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