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5th May 2016

The centre of The HEART is where to start to make amends to your life. Enter into the very core of you,
of your heartfelt truths and beliefs, expectations, hopes, dreams, doubts, disbeliefs and grief.  OPEN UP a NEW reality from within, RELEASE and REPLACE all the old out modded thoughts and feelings, past pains and negative experiences, damaging, limiting beliefs. Cleanse and Clear, RELEASE ~ ALL ~ FEAR and make TRUST and unconditional LOVE, BE the HEART of who you are once more. 

When this is your new truth you will be returned to innocence  and be re-visited by the pure Joie de vie of your youth. For innocence is a state of BLISS and your journey through life can taint your heart and tarnish your mind, so you have a particular slant or hue to your view of the world and all those around you. Tis time for you all to STOP and have a rethink as to whether you have somehow taken on a particular modus operandi that has become your truth. The view of life according to your story, the comedy or tragedy, the thriller or the chiller, the crime or the romantic happily ever after.

Change the script TODAY. Do not replay any part of your old story for it has all been seen and heard, felt and observed before. Tis time indeed for the NEW. The NEW STORY the NEW YOU! Be done with the reruns, draw their season and popularity to an end. Do the final curtain call on it ALL. Players to your NEW PLACES for a very different script comes into play today and all who take part in the story of your life will be enthralled and delighted, captivated and elevated by the Divine comedy and sublime beauty of the triumph over adversity about to take place with great joy and Heavenly Grace. 
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