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5th October 2016

The winds of change are here again blowing you all in an new direction, infusing you all to EMBRACE the fall, and to move into a new future and season TRUSTING the need for change and flowing with the way the Universe rearranges your world. There is nothing to fear as this process appears and becomes apparent in your life, 'tis part of living consciously and learning to grow. Adaptability is key to survival in any situation in the flux of great change. Be patient with yourself at this time as with all others, you are a work in progress as are your sisters and brothers.

Your destiny is calling and as the leaves change colour and start falling they mark the passing of the seasons and indicate the necessity for shedding the old to evolve and grow. By surrendering to these changes, by giving up the fight or struggle to maintain the status quo, you can retain the vital energy to go with the flow, the natural rhythm and pace of the changes taking place and be best prepared to accept and adjust to the Newness of what is yet to come. This season of "YOU" has come to an END,
'tis truly time for you to evolve and grow into the NEXT evolution of "YOU" my friend ~ ✨
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