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5th September 2013

Relax and breath in the sheer delicate beauty of the world and of life itself. 

The magical colours and rhythms of nature. The gentle lapping of the waves along the shore, the flowing inward of the breath of the sea exhaled again upon the pebble beach and out once more to rejoin the body of the sea~ in and out and in and out ever answering the constant call of the rhythm of life.
Here all is well all is at peace all is as it should be ~ Trust and release.

Exhale all fear, all doubt all disbelief and resistance. Surrender to the rhythm The constant ease the certainty of change. The highs followed by the lows the turning of the tide, the biding of the moon, all of nature dances to her tune.

Everything is change minute to minute hour to hour as the sun moves silently across the never ending blue the whole world moves on~ on and on and on .

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