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6th August 2017

From time to time you do align with all that is right and good and everything feels and flows beautifully exactly as it should. Then again there are more scattered times when you feel out of sorts and out of sync with everything you do and think. 'Tis a veritable DANCE made of various rhythms and rhymes, and tis almost impossible to stay in step with them all of the time. Go with the continuous flow of change and pace as best you can. 

Relish the moments of harmony and poetry in motion, and savour the satisfaction of connection. Delight in the joy of participation even when you feel awkward and clumsy with your moves, keep on dancing and you will quickly re find your groove. Remember when you choose to dance like no one is watching then no one is judging you either, and therefore it does not matter when or where you stumbled or missed a beat. 'Tis only important to go with the flow and ENJOY yourself tripping the light fantastic with wings upon your feet ~ 
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