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6th December 2013

6:12:13. Henfield

There is a connectedness to be felt and found with all things, the clouds in the sky the fish in the sea and the trees in the ground. All are within each other all are part of each other. Man woman child, sister and brother, fighter or lover, friend or foe, rich or poor one thing is for sure, you are all kin regardless of anything that is used to define your separateness . United on Earth, united by birth into the same human "Life" experience expressed in different ways shapes sizes and forms but united as one Human Kind. 

United in essence too to the planet and Eco system that supports and sustains you.
You Are all part of one and the same all time space and the entire Universe. See that you have lost your way somehow in your pursuit of personal progress at the expense of the balance of the whole. You are tipping the whole equation and rocking your own boat. If you do not want to be thrown into the raging sea sit down and behave responsibly or you will bring about your own demise! 

Be respectful of ALL of Life. Be respectful of ALL of nature, the Earth the wind the fire and the rain. The mountains and the Seas for they are all part of your world and sit comfortably and respectfully alongside each other never seeking progress at the expense and possible extinction of each other. How come then that man does not show the same respect and demands that the whole of the natural world be re sharpen to suit his needs, his greeds? Where for do you think this will lead the whole natural balance and order of things? Some sense and order needs to be restored to the world and man kinds power and authority over nature may well be challenged in pursuit of rebalancing.

You can all decide to address the imbalances your selves and you would strongly be urged and encouraged that you should or you can wait until the adjustments occur and cry out in despair and complaint but t'will be too late to avoid the changes for the rebalancing of the world will definitely occur as the planet herself is a self governing and self preservation seeking organic and powerful thing magical and radical so changes will be made to the planet to survive. 

Do what you need to do to become the greatest and most effective you can be in helping humanity restore the balance and harmony to the world . Inspire and lead by example. You have today all lost a great soul in the name Nelson Mandela and his presence on Earth will be a great loss to you all. Now though is the time to follow his marvellous example and to truly be the change you wish to see in the world. Do what you can to spread PEACE throughout the land and as far and as fast as you can~
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