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6th December 2014

Connectivity is essential for progression from seclusion and isolation to inclusion and celebration.
Actively seek your goal focus with clarity upon that which you desire to be your reality.
Join the dots make connections where there have previously been none before and create more ...............

Follow the leads, the signs and your intuition, if a situation circumstance or person feels right then trust your gut and go with the flow of your own guidance. Learn to read your own body like a clock, there is a right time for everything and a wrong time for others. Hone this skill for it will serve you all well to be able to read and decipher the subtle energy and nuances
that all of life is made of.

Energy is everything, everywhere and everyone so take care to only give out and receive in return
the energies and situations, opportunities and outcomes that you actively seek and are aware of projecting.
Become more aware of every aspect of your own projections for some may well not be as helpful and as confident, supportive or as positive as you imagine and desire. To fully step into your full strength and to gain your just deserts you must make sure your subconscious is on your side and not subtly sabotaging you from within ~

Think with your Heart and not with your mind for it is constant and true, your Heart knows and believes what is best for you.
Not what it thinks would serve you best, it knows like it knows like it knows and its beat goes on and on ~
Your thoughts and feelings can not always be trusted and believed for they can be misleading and deceiving.
Be true in your Heart to who you are, who you know you can be and then confidently shine brightly as a STAR

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