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7th April 2014


Blushing June will bring a new tune for you all to sing and dance to.
A new rhythm and pace set in a new place that will thrill and excite you all.
Where once you had to be patient now you can jump for joy for life is moving more quickly and great things are coming your way. Smile and sing and do everything that makes your heart expand for once this is truly reopened and beaming all the time the world will be a much happier place. 

Put a smile upon your face, put away your heart ache and tears your disappointment and fears
for the time for transformation is upon us and release ~RELEASE ~ Release .
Tis truly the time for all your troubles and sufferings to CEASE! 
May all your blocks be cleared with the warmth of the golden light that is in abundance in your world.
Paint it * Write it * Dance it * Sing it * BRING IT !!!!

New life is bursting forth all around you and you are all to benefit greatly from its arrival.
Birdsong and blossom can bring such HOPE and relief from depression pain and grief.
The long grey winter is now well and truly behind you and the golden warmth of the summer lays up ahead.
Keep looking forward and take all actions required to get you basking in that golden light
bathed in the beauty and happiness that awaits.

Tis your birth rite to swim in the turquoise waters and explore the beaches of those tropical shores.
To relax in awe under the canopy of a magnificent sunset that fills the entire sky with ruby reds and Gold.
Hold these experiences and the emotions of them in your heart and mind and vision yourself there in body spirit and mind. The finest of pure white sand trickling through the fingers of your hand and the warm scented breeze blowing through your hair.

Picture yourself there without a care and do whatever you can in the here and now as a simple matter of course.
Have fun in the doing of your daily life enjoy your role as mother and wife for tis the every days that make up your life. Trust your life is Divinely truly Blessed so be less stressed. 
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