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7th August 2014

Write or paint, dance or sing bring to the world whatever form of joy you all can bring.
You have the capacity and ability to make a difference in the world. Firstly you can dictate the vibrational rate of the immediate world around you, by deciding to bring the highest vibrational ring to everything that is within your field. What you give out truly is what you shall receive back unto and all around you. 

Therefore it is key for you to decide in what kind of world you would like to reside for you create your own reality emotionally, physically, vibrationaly. If you focus on dark and low vibration for what ever reason you declare then that is what you will find around you so do not despair . CHOOSE to raise the level of light and good energy that you are focussing upon and then your own darkness and depression can shift and move along.
Change the tune of your own Heart Song.

If you laugh and take life more lightly, appreciate all the very good and sweet things that are around you all and present in any given moment, then you can generate a positive change in your own energetic field and draw different experiences and situations unto yourself. Focus on all that is good and that is what will be omnipresent in your world. Stay positive in you Heart and Head then you will be able to see the very best
in everyone and everything instead.

For when you are focused upon doom and gloom there is no room for you to even notice the sweetness that is around. 'Tis like a delicate harmony blocked out by loud discordant sound.Take the time to realise you have the choice to create the vibrational world you wish to experience. It all begins and ends with you,
only you get to choose what you decide to focus upon. Amen
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