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7th December 2015

Tis time to shine from your core even more in the wind and the rain and the snow. For the Love and Light your heart does bring can turn the greyest day into the brightest Spring ~ When bleakness is all around then sometimes HOPE is hard to be found. First journey inwards and make LOVE your goal, then send your roots down, down, down deeply into the nurturing ground of Mother Earth. Then draw up her magnificent life sustaining energy through every cell of your physical form.

Let it fill you with great strength and Peace and a calm connectedness to the oneness of all matter and all life. Feel the richness of the natural rhythm and flow that courses through all things in the Earthly realm. Then open your crown and draw down all the magnificent golden light and AGAPE LOVE from Heaven above. Let it pour like liquid gold, syrupy warm and comforting, Divinely transforming as it keeps on pouring into your cells and your soul.

Let it unite with the grounding energy of the Earth and ignite pure white light to shine brightly from your core. May it be blended, fused and combusted into radiant LOVE and JOY ~ Passion and Compassion produced as a mighty chain reaction can begin releasing LOVE and HOPE out into the world. Become the nuclear reactor of the nuclear potential that is held within you all, within the nucleus of your every cell lies the potential of great creation. Understand this and generate the emotions, ideas, situations, circumstances and experiences you desire and require ~
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