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7th February 2015


OPEN Hearted and OPEN Minded, this should be the mantra of your show ~
Be OPEN to the wonders of the world and the joys of life. Be open also to the emotional experiences when you are confronted by them ALL, for they are your vehicle of education. You are all here to Learn and Love and Live,
to live fully you need to Love fully and whole heartedly. To grow fully and healthily you need to feel,
feel all that there is to feel. 

Do not cut yourself off or hide from that which you may benefit from inside.
You do not always know the very best things for you to learn, you would all only ever choose to learn the smallest range of emotions and experiences if given the free rein to choose. However you do have the ultimate choice
of choosing HOW you react to and embrace the emotions and situations that you do encounter. 

You do not get to consciously choose all that is happening around you at any given minute or moment in time,
but you do get to choose how you will react to it. You would all do well to learn your own power at the point of choosing to act or react one way or another. Too many people feel they have little or no choice in life and yet they do, you ALL do. You are the only one inside your own mind, inside your own body, you are the only one who can speak for or make choices for your own unique soul.

People everywhere seem to have become detached from this responsibility. 
Through pain, despair, apathy and ignorance they have given away their own power and blame others for the countless situations, circumstances and emotions that confront them. Re empowering individual souls to achieve their unique and individual goals is a very powerful thing to do indeed. 

For when all people become the greatest they can be the world will be a mighty fine and different place, you will see. Help your fellow man as best you can to reach for the stars and reconnect them to source. For then you can ALL shine brightly and illuminate the darkness of the night sky to become the canopy of humanity that fills the world with Light and great Love from above ~
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