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7th January 2017

The seeds of your future life are already germinating in your heart. Focus with love and understanding for the very thoughts and feelings that you plant in your mind, will in time bare fruits and become your new reality. The recent shadow times of deep reflection and release, surrender and vulnerability have created the perfect, darkly fertile conditions for personal growth and expansion. Nurture the COMPASSION and POTENTIAL, KINDNESS and GRACE necessary for conscious growth and enlightenment for they are the vital compost required for you to evolve. 

This is the time to plant the seeds of your own greatest HOPES and DREAMS, of the Biggest Boldest version of yourself. Weed out all doubts and disbeliefs for what you sow now you will see increase with great speed. MAGICAL times lay ahead, so believe in MIRACLES now more than ever before, and allow them to manifest in your lives. INCREDIBLE, EXCEPTIONAL and EXTRAORDINARY should be the seeds you tend to most with Love and Trust, for they will become the HARVEST that you reap, and the reality of your everyday life. ABUNDANCE and CONTENTMENT can thus become the glittering fruits of SUCCESS, born out of the richly fertile ground of your own experiences. 
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