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7th January 2018

Abundance is thine for ‘tis a state of mind born out of GRATITUDE which is a powerful sense of BEing. For when you view your life and assess your work from a state of conscious living, by appreciating ALL the opportunities and gifts the universe is giving you to Experience, Expand and Grow, then you will see ABUNDANCE all around. 

Every blue sky, smile, kiss or sigh, kindness from a stranger or Angel feather sent as Heavenly treasure as a sign upon your path. Every time your heart skips, you jump for joy or laugh you are rich beyond all measure. For Abundance is a plentiful amount, ‘tis the condition of BEING RICH in supply. Tis Affluence and Prosperity as well as an infinite quantity of benevolence, kindness and Grace. LOVE is a LIMITLESS experience, an unconditional expression of deep affection, connection and passion. 

When you connect to the very essence of all that connects you to everything and everyone ❤️  you will come to realise that your entire existence is ABUNDANT with experiences and expressions of LOVE in action. Peoples actions and reactions all around you are here to teach you various aspects of what it is to BE alive. When you decide it is time to change your lessons and to up grade to the next level of learning and existence, you will realise how you have been self limiting your own circumstances and situations for a concentrated education and understanding of a specific status quo.

When you decide to truly let this go and to get back into the flow of the greater, wider range of lessons to embrace, by being a CONSCIOUS member of the human race, your can and will be able to affect great changes in your world; and gain a much broader perspective on the meaning of BEing the Creator of your own Life,  and the Master of your own Destiny ✨✨✨
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