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7th July 2014

Here you are at the jumping off point of your life. 
Hold on tight for the most magical time ahead! 
Your impetus to succeed far exceeds all personal gain or greed! 
It is to help humanity help itself and that in turn will generate great wealth.
For what you give out is what will be returned unto thee ~ wait and see.

You have indeed had your time of introspection and reflection, trials and tribulations, 
heart ache and grief. This new phase should come as a great relief! 
Letting go of all that you know and opening yourself up to the new, 
hitherto unknown dimensions of life and love and abundance. 

Your quiet time alone will make way for more sociable and interactive days ahead. 
The shifts in energy are all around you in the fabric of the world.
The time has come for the silence to end my friend. 
Hold your head up high and let your voice be heard.

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