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7th October 2013

Here we are again with a clean clear page and a good strong pen~ Cusping your new reality breaking through the false limitations your personality has created to restrict your soul~ Set yourself FREE to reach ANY goal. 

Aim high and leap into the sky for the sky is the limit~ your new limitless horizon. 

Whatever you set your mind upon can be yours if you are in tune from the start, truly from your heart. 

Be BRAVE and allow yourself to BE all that you can be not some smaller restricted version of yourself. Support yourself in this pursuit and you will in kind inspire others to become the very best that they can be. See that it is in fact a selfish act NOT to allow yourself to evolve into the greatness that is in your soul and to share this magnificence with the world and all humanity.

See that if you embrace your brilliance and SHINE -SHINE-SHINE brighter than before you will bring more love and light to ALL the world and how can this be a truly selfish act? 
You are already making great headway in your journey towards your own bright future~ Journey on into you and truly release your full potential. You will be amazed by the wondrous things that will then come into being, that from where you are now you are incapable of seeing.

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