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To be in tune with the moon means understanding your own ebbs and flows ~ For everyone knows the waxing and waning means times of loosing and gaining in your own particular energy and flow. This means you should not expect things to stay everyday at an even or constant pace. Life is an ever changing thing and the moon does serve you all well as a measure to how quickly her light does alter in the passage of days.

From one week until the next great changes occur upon her face from a tiny cycle slice of lemon to a glorious silvery Orb fully beaming from the Heavens. Day to day changes are occurring and you are not always aware of them but they are most definitely there. Things are coming that you can not see but TRUST that they are moving closer on a daily basis and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised when they arrive.

Expect miracles and they will happen, believe in magic and it will occur. Keep focussing forward on the wondrous things you would like your future to bring and know like you know that it will. Do not get caught judging your life as falling short of what you wish it to be. Focus instead on the great things ahead and celebrate the little things every day, for the bigger game changing things are on their way. Just be patient and wait in a positive state of HOPE and joyful expectation with GRATITUDE and appreciation. 
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