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8th April 2014

Clear your blocks once and for all ~ get well and truly out of your own way. 
Free your mind free your body and free your soul then you truly will be free to reach any goal.

Go for Gold, you deserve to be free, free from all the physical restrictions and afflictions 
that are constantly playing out in your life. You are a loving mother and wife and yet 
the best thing you can do for all your family is to become the greatest you ever! 
Your heart is strong and your mind is cleaver, between them and your ego you can be a very good friend
and also a trained assassin and saboteur!

Your own personality has enraptured your full potential and has restricted your own growth and movement.
All foods are disturbing your digestion and unseen blocks are restricting your physical and mental flow.
Concrete and pain fill your veins and are anchoring your soul ~ set this free and breath deeply 
reach for the stars and FLY~

If money is your only worry then set it free to fly too~
With the blink of an eye it can be with you and will appear to set you free.
You will benefit in mind body and soul by pursuing Alchemy for success. 
Release is the vital word for now as you are struggling to fly with such concrete across your heart.
Start by smashing this false restriction, releasing all your medical physical afflictions pain panic and fear.
Breath deeply and set yourself FREE ~ Fly to places beyond the sky~

Your whole family will yet again benefit exponentially from your growth. 
Lead by example. Shine and the whole family and world will SHINE with you.
Do what you NEED to do to enhance your inner tool kit to give you the confidence 
and know how to break free from your own false parameters and limited beliefs.
Break free from grief once and for all, release the frozen tears that restrict your movements
and limit your own progress ~ Fly Fly Fly but not with one tiny broken wing!

Heal yourself heal your broken wing. Unfold your own inner potential. 
Unfold your perfect magnificence, unfold your perfect mighty wings and you will truly be able to Fly Fly Fly
To not only LA or Indonesia but anywhere beyond the sky.
This is your realm your own domain. Why not allow yourself the possibility of reaching home!
Then you can be here and there once and for all and bring forth all that you were truly born to BE ~
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