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8th August 2015

The Lions Gate Be courageous and stand your ground as the world around you changes like shifting sands. Do not buy into the panic and fear however present and real it may appear. 'Tis an illusion. Keep your sights firmly set upon the Golden Light on the horizon ~ tis from which all opportunities, progress, health, wealth and happiness will come. Pure Golden Abundance RADIANT as the SUN.

For the light of the world is essential for the world to exist and to function as it does. Love and Light are ONE, golden and pure, healing and nurturing, comforting and empowering. Embrace the extra Golden light that is cascading through the Lions Gate. Bathe in its golden shower of divinity, positivity and Grace. Let it cleanse and release all that does not serve you anymore, be it situations, circumstances or people.

Tis sometimes a sadness attached to the releasing of familiar structures, routines and relationships but the end of the old should be Lovingly released with a sense of gratitude for all that it has provided you with thus far. TRUST that the newness of things yet to come, that will arise out of this glorious new golden light of the sun, will be far better and more compatible with who you are, and what you need to help you achieve all that you have come to do.

Facilitation across the nations will result in jubilation and much celebration for unity and oneness will be returned to the world. Go ahead, full steam all the way for the path is opening up more and more each day. The right people, right connections, opportunities and ideas will rush forward to greet you as you step beyond the old and into the new.

Boldly go where no man or woman has been before. Open up new frontiers. Go with courage and confidence that what lies ahead will be good, very, very good for you one and all. Happily, joyfully, lovingly see your future bathed in GOLDEN LIGHT and it shall be so. Glow, Glow, Glow from the inside out, be golden to your core release all your carbon, your density and negativity and SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND
like never before ~
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