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8th August 2016

Somewhere over the rainbow magic lies awaiting with great expectation to come into your lives and to manifest miracles right before your very eyes! When the time is right your fortunes and futures will change overnight! From one setting of the sun to another your current reality will be done, a new one will have come, and the greatest most abundant adventure time of your life will have begun! 

Keep on believing with an open heart and an open positive mind. Trust me when I say you will soon be receiving SO much prosperity and opportunity, happiness and joy, abundance and creativity, wealth and vitality that your heart light will shine SO brightly it will be seen from afar and you will be recognised and appreciated as the Loving STAR that you are. People are in need of Inspiration and direction, and positive food for thought upon which to feed. Share your words of Love from above and help to heal the famine of humanity. BE the change you wish to see ~ 
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