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8th December 2013

8*12*13.    Henfield

Do not panic so for all is not doom and gloom even if it that is what you think and feel it may be. Remember that your thoughts and feelings may sometimes be misleading and be giving yourself false readings. Sometimes your symptoms can create a mental state for panic or deep concern but then again too it is up to you to keep a grasp on reality and not spin out of control down paths of darkness and despair. Whatever will be will be and you will just have to wait and see for your future is yet untold and you shall have to be patient and let it unfold. 

'Tis true there are things that you can do to help eliminate your major worries and concerns. Then again there are actions you can take to compensate for things that need addressing. 'Tis true indeed that your whole rhythm and rhyme are no longer what they were and that changes have occurred but changes, great changes have been taking place ALL OVER THE WORLD! 

Nothing is the same all is change this you have been told. The vibrations have shifted and are continuing to do so a and all matter is changed because of this.
New patterns and rhythms will have to be found for every single cell and molecule that is around. Yours is  NOT the only body that feels out of sync. You do however have a very highly tuned vibration and would most definitely be feeling all these changes to a larger degree than most. Do not let this be a greater cause for concern than is necessary. Keep calm and carry on! 

Take all supplements, acupuncture, homeopathy, yoga, dance whatever to help adjust to these new patterns of density and energetic flow. Supplements and exercise will be of great benefit to you but none more so than the calmness of your mind. The TRUST in your soul the PEACE in your heart. Your life is as it is meant to be now keep as clam as calm can be. Be patient with yourself and wait and see.

All will be good. You have been forewarned of all these changes and so now keep a grip on the sensation that they are now happening. See all problems as small and adapt and change and get in sync with the New rhythms of your own life ~

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