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8th February 2016

The winds of change are veritably upon you all. 'Tis Time for magnificent advances things that will enhance your lives and present circumstances before your very eyes. Look to the skies for incredible opportunities are on their way. Blue horizons with a limitless reach will bring magic and wonder to your door.  See your life bathed in syrupy GOLDEN light and Love and it shall be for sure once and for all. 

Expect these changes and be prepared to make all the re-arrangements necessary to facilitate and activate the full potential and powerful impact they will bring. Sing to the Heavens for your time of times has come, your days of days are here, so do not fear or hesitate for you will no longer have to wait. 'Tis time to fly to leap and open your mighty wings for the conditions are more favourable and sustainable right now than ever before. You are well and truly ready and willing to your core so TRUST TRUST TRUST.

You will be guided and supported at all times, you will not be on your own when you leave your comfort zone, in fact you will feel more at home than you have ever known. For you have come to live in extraordinary life far greater and larger than just being a daughter and mother and a wife. These are the wonderful roles that have thus far been your greatest joy but they will still remain the beautiful loving, caring, sensitive and sharing fulfilling aspects of your personality and your soul. But you also have a mighty goal to fulfil and you will ~

This is the calling beyond your family and friends, this is the calling to be the very greatest YOU and to achieve the full greatest potential that is in your soul. You have come to make a vast difference in the world and the difference IS you! Be ready, be steady and GO GO GO ! Green lights all the way signal that today is the day to leap up and say let's get this party started. Take all obvious actions necessary and embrace all opportunities as they arise to make the greatest positive impact you can to help your fellow man. 'Tis time indeed to be the STAR you are ~
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