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8th July 2017

With all the ebbing and flowing, coming and going it has been difficult to find a true sense of connection and security. For all around the solid ground that once was is changing and rearranging on a daily basis like the shifting sands of the desert. Journey IN and allow the PEACE and CALM of your own HEART to become your very own OASIS. 

Adaptability is key especially right now with your ever changing current reality. Where once you were confident because of the constance of fixed and sold things, the structures that gave you security and strength NOW you must turn your fragility about instability into a new found agility and ability to cope with quick changes as the Universe literally rearranges EVERYTHING. 

The only TRUE constant in the Universe is CHANGE.
Become as flexible as possible about everything! Open your MIND, honour and exercise your BODY, and set your SPIRIT FREE to become ALL it has truly come to BE. EXPANSION requires no fixed boundaries so remove your own false limitations and RELEASE ✨ RELEASE ✨ RELEASE ✨ IT IS The FASTEST way to INCREASE ✨ EXPAND ✨ and GROW ~ ✨✨✨✨
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