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8th March 2015

Re calibration across the nations Re adjustments for the new vibrations. The time has come for the deeply heartfelt inner work to be done. Shifting and shedding releasing and shredding of old identities, beliefs and limitations. Expansion is the key but re alignments are imperative for this to become possible. For this to become visible in yourself, your world, your hopes and dreams.

'Tis a veritable time indeed when all the fears and aspirations that have been silenced and tucked away really get to come out, to see the light of day. They get to come out in the world to play and stay if they are right and good, or to be released and allowed to drop away if they are not wanted and are not serving your highest good. It is the time to have a good look at them all in the light, to decide what will come with you towards the future and what will released so it can no longer be so fearful in the night. 'Tis a good time to reassess the recesses of your heart and mind.

Inner fears get suppressed by strong will and focus but tis a far better more lasting solution to give them a voice, listen to what they have to say and be able to move on from them rather than trying to ignore them and spending important energy trying to keep them quiet. Become in tune with all that is expansive, all your hopes and dreams that encourage you to become the bigger, better you, the bolder, brighter, brightest version of you. Align yourself with the most positive energy and ideas that believe in yourself, and support your mission and vision of being
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