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8th May 2015

Plan Prepare and Promote ~ It's as easy as ABC ~ 1.2 and 3
Focus creates reality so gather your thoughts, your aims and ideas. Release all doubts and false limitations or fears. Plan what you would like to unfold as if it were a story waiting to be told ~ Prepare yourself on every level for when and how it can unfold. Take steps to make it happen by pursuing obvious actions.Then promote your ideas, your plans and action outcomes. Allow the rest of the world and the Universe to know what it is your HEART so desires. Tell the Angels your song so they may sing along and add their Heavenly dulcet tones to the mighty Vision of you Crones. May all men women and children have their own objective, Heavenly directive, of what there destiny will be. May the Angels bless you one and all and help you find your calling.

For when it does indeed appear, rest assured that Heavenly help is always HERE. Remember to speak your truth in your Mind Body and Soul, stay on track with what you know to be the truth for YOU. Ask the Angels to assist you with all that you need, comfort and advice, healing, directions, connections and Love ~ they are here to help you navigate through life, but cannot step in and assist unless you invite them to do so. This realm of Earth comes with the gift of Free Will from birth. Therefore you can do what ever you will, BUT your will is a powerful tool.

Too many people have too little understanding of the power of their choices. They are told and taught that they have no choices, that they have no voices, but nothing is further from the TRUTH. You ALL have the same rights to this gift of Life on planet Earth, and you should do what you can to help your fellow man, woman and child that is not given the freedom to pursue the kind of life their HEARTS would Love to do. Too many powers that be, that rule and bully, run things with their OWN best interests at Heart and do not consider we all have and equal part.

Every life is sacred, every life divine, for the spark of Life itself is a gift from the Creator and is given to you one and all in equal measure. The gift is the same regardless of your name, your colour, your creed or your nation. Your gender or intellect, your creativity or productivity, your ability or your agility. Whether you choose to treasure or abuse your body is entirely up to you, if you make the world a better place, or decide to rearrange your face is entirely up to you. Only you know deep in your soul what IS your true life's goal.

If it is to be of service to humanity in some way, then that is all well and good and it is generally understood that this is your calling. But if it is to pursue a life of selfish desires and short term gains, to satisfy your own ego and not to benefit anyone else, then this too is your own choice. People make up reasons for why they have to do what they do, to bully and control to poison and pollute. To seek power and glory, to create suffering and hardship, to declare war upon nations, groups or individuals. But these are not their true HEARTS goals, these are the CHOICES their Egos have made along the way.

If ALL men and women were to open their HEARTS and make choices from Love instead of from the Ego of their heads, the world would be a very different place. But you are gifted Free Will for a reason so that you can learn the consequences of subsequent choices but tis veritably the time indeed when ALL people should HEED the warning signs that all is not well and thriving on planet Earth, as a result of the choices that have been made along the way, that have resulted in the imbalance of nature and power that are around at this present hour.
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