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8th November 2015

Do not hesitate, do not wait, do not doubt, do not fear, do not dilly dally on the way ~ Take action today and bring your new future into play ~ Release all the old mind blocks and mind chatter, all limitations frustrations and regrets. Make clear bold new pathways direct to your fullest greatest success. Aim for GOLD, focus on the greatest you can be Abundant with Health Wealth and Prosperity ~ 

Make your true souls goals your daily life goals. Embrace them as the focus of your everyday living, giving them the benefit of your time and energy. Support yourself in every way. Coach and guide yourself to become your own greatest wealth, your greatest treasure is You ~ You are a gift to the world. See and appreciate what an amazing being you truly are, then engage all your power of thoughts and intentions to be the greatest you can be so that the whole world will benefit from your love and generosity, your wisdom and prosperity ~

Share yourself with everyone else by realising your own worth. You are ALL extremely powerful and your presence is greatly required on planet Earth at this time. Wake up and be counted. Jump out of bed and seize the day ahead. Do whatever you can, lead by example and inspire all others to be the very greatest they can be. There are teaching tools and motivation systems to help clear your negative states of mind and limiting beliefs. There are courses and workshops, books, blogs and apps designed to release you from the blocks and constraints in your own minds.

Find what works for you, do whatever you need to do, but do something!  Start taking action to expand your vision of self worth. You are a gift to the world so make your time on Earth be counted. Be here on purpose! Choose to realise how important your life truly is. Use it wisely, be generous with your time and Love. Be as kind and as forgiving as you possibly can be for that is how you can change the world. Be kind to yourself but realise you have GREAT possibility and potential, actively take steps to become the greatest you ~

Journey inwards and find your whispering soul. Listen in the silence to your inner guidance for it knows what is best for you, what will ultimately bring you the PEACE and sense of satisfaction and self worth that you seek. It may not always speak the loudest and your daily life may shout it down into submission but NOW is the time to quieten your daily mind, to listen to you're hearts true calling and to take action to fulfil your own deepest desires. Listen to the stillness then take action. Actively leap forward along the journey of life, the NEW path is opening up ahead. 

Believe in yourself and set off on the most exciting adventure ever. Go for Gold, Go for the brilliant exceptional life you know you have truly come to live. Stop living a mediocre life and EXPAND your vision and expectations. Expect a miracle and one WILL happen, take all actions that are required and get all fired up about the future. It is VERY EXCITING so get on with it straight away. Make that call, write that letter, send that e mail, paint that painting, dance that dance and sing the song that is playing in your heart. Take a leap of faith and START ~
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