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8th October 2014

In the arms of the Angels all is well and blissful yet to bring Heaven on Earth may be a difficult birth and requires all the aid and assistance possible from the mothers of the world. Others too can add their skills and intention to bring about changes that will allow the new state of global consciousness to be born.

Every effort is being made to help assist the delivery of extra Love and Light at this time.  Help will be made available and become ready to hand.People and situations will develop and present themselves that will aid in the mission of distribution of the positive guidance and healing that you already have in hand. The future is bright and things are looking up for everyone concerned. People have changed a lot and have benefited greatly from what they have already learned. 

Your words and loving kindness will also go a very long way to help improve the plight of man and ensure PEACE
at the end of the day.Be true to you, stay as loving and vibrant as you are. Shine brightly as the true star you truly know you are. It does not serve anyone at all for you to not acknowledge your importance and keep playing small.
Walk tall for you are a rare and precious thing far more valuable than even the largest purest diamond ring ~


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