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9th April 2016

The time has come for the clouds to move away from your sun. For the greyness and drizzle to come to an end and the Magical rainbows to appear once again. TRUST and endurance have been the name of the game and you have all done exceedingly well to stay as calm and is hopeful as you can. By releasing your fears, shedding your tears, and meeting your shadow selves full on, you have shifted beyond what had existed as your former limited self. 

This is the NEW YOU who has surrendered your resistance to the acceptance and importance of the loving assistance from the Heavens on High, to the Great Spirit in the sky, to the Mighty Source, to any name you wish to call God or the One Love and Divine energy of the Universe. You are ALL connected and will remain in isolation and depression, separation and frustration, sadness, sorrow and grief until you fully comprehend that YOU ARE ALL powerful and LOVED beyond belief. You ARE LOVE, you ARE GRACE, you ARE everything you wish to BE and more, more, more! You are limitless beings who can command your lives to be how you wish them to be. Believe in better, worry less and BE MORE, BE ONE, BE LOVE ~ 
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